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  Spread Your Message  
    Text Messaging  
    Our Text Messaging Plan helps you spread your message in real time to the entire congregation. The Text Messaging Plan allows you to increase your organization’s visibility and revenue while you expand your database through unlimited texting, real-time mobile alerts, and advertising.  
    Unlimited text alerts  
       - Daily Prayers
 - Sermons
 - Event Notifications
 - Reminders
 - Alerts
    Mobile Voting  
       - Gives your members the unique ability to vote up or down events held by your organization
  directly through their mobile phone.
    Build & Expand Your Database  
       - Each incoming text is captured and stored in your congregations
  exclusive database.
 - No data entry, members simply text in to join(standard text messaging rates
    Generate Revenue  
       - Through optional advertising spots on given text messages, your organization
  can generate much needed revenue.
    3 Mobile IDs (can be used as Mobile Business Cards).  
  Grow Your Ministry  
    Mobile Donations  
    With Mobile Card Cast’s “Mobile Donation Tool” there is no limit to the amount of money your congregation can generate. This simple tool allows donations to be accepted through any mobile device, with internet capability, in only 3 clicks. Now members of your congregation or organization can make secure donations without physically being there. In addition, once a donor donates to your organization they can donate again without their credit card, they only need their mobile number.  
    Increase donations geographical reach  
    Allow all members & friends to make secure donations  
    Mobile-enabled advertising page with donations capability  
    Fund Campaigns  
       (* Includes all benefits of the Text Messaging Plan.)  
  Expand Your Reach  
    Mobile Business Card  
    How many times have you missed a business opportunity because you forgot or ran out of your business cards? How many business cards from others have you thrown away or lost? Never miss a business opportunity to grow your network with Mobile Business Cards. Our Mobile Business Card contains the same information that appears on your current, traditional business card, but does so much more.  
    Electronic version of your business card  
    Can be sent and received by any mobile phone  
    Cards and information automatically stored in exclusive database  
    Be Green, be efficient, be distinct, and never miss an opportunity again  
  Share Your Voice  
    Audio & Video Sermons  
    The Audio / Video options enable you to share your voice and message with your parishioners even if they are away. With the Audio / Video option, parishioners have access to sermons that they can learn and share throughout the congregation. The Audio / Video option is the next best thing to actually being there.  
    Video In Demand  
    Works on all internet enabled mobile devices  
    Provides endless opportunities for parishioners to learn and share sermons  
    Unlimited text alerts  
    Ability to add pictures/video/audio to you alerts  
       (* Additional charges apply.)  
  Your Website On-The-Move  
    Mobile Website  

Mobile Web, powered by Mobile Card Cast, provides your organization with a complete, instant mobile presence by converting your existing website into one that is not only completely functional on all mobile internet enabled devices, but completely user friendly.

    Adapts your computer-based website into one formatted for mobile  
    Uses your existing domain and mobile detection software  
    Universally accepted by virtually all mobile devices  
    Information and Communication On-Demand  
    Seamless integration and consistency in your message