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  What do I do if I have a problem?
  Call us at 1.877.720.0988 or email us at it@mobileministrymedia.com. We will contact you promptly.  
  When I sign up how soon can I start using all my features?  
  Immediately. All of your features will be available to you on your online portal as soon as you sign up and sign in.  
  Do I need to have an IT person to maintain this monthly?  
  No. All messages, videos, and donations run through our unique online database.  
  How do I send one message to multiple people?  
  Our easy to use interface allows you to easily navigate throughout the website.  Through Mobile Ministry Media advanced technology, one message is automatically delivered to all registered constituents.  
  How can I ensure my message is received by all subscribers?  
  Mobile Ministry Media has a real time tracking system that will personally trace all messages, those delivered and those that were not.  Our advanced tracking system will take note of those messages not delivered and attempt redelivery.  
  Can I store my messages in advance?  
  You can set your messages 30 days in advanced specified to specific dates and times.  You do not need to be at or near a computer to send your Mobile Sermon.  
  Is there a limit to the amount of people in my database?  
  There is no minimum or maximum to the number of people you are able to store in your database.  All people in your database will receive the same number of messages at roughly the same time during the day.  
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